Handbag Prada Original

Handbag Prada Original

Gomez, of Cohasset, cast himself as the new face of the Republican Party, which has struggled to reach out to minority populations following the defeat last year of GOP presidential candidate and former Gov. Mitt Romney.

Handbag Prada Original

Even before the April 15 bombing, the campaign had failed to capture the attention of voters compared with the 2010 special election following the death of longtime Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy. Former Republican Sen. Scott Brown won the seat, surprising Democrats, but was ousted last year in another high profile race by Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren.

Zaitchik also thought the marathon attack might discourage turnout among voters.

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Handbag Prada Original

Handbag Prada Original

was likely hampered by the April 15 bombing and the search for the bombers, which consumed the attention of residents across Massachusetts.

care law.

Holly Zaitchik, a retired Boston University professor, said she voted for Markey because he's "he's done a terrific job of being there when anything important happens" in Washington.

Winslow, a former judge from Norfolk who served as chief legal counsel in Romney's administration, finished third despite putting $150,000 of his own cash into the race.

Handbag Prada Original

Sullivan, an early favorite among conservative Republicans, touted his law enforcement and national security background, having helped investigate the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks and the failed attempt to blow up an airliner using shoe bombs.

Gomez, 47, was virtually unknown in Massachusetts politics before announcing his plan to run Handbag Prada Original for Kerry's seat earlier this year.

While Gomez easily outraised his challengers he also loaned his Burberry Wallet With Coin Pouch

Handbag Prada Original

Gomez has introduced himself in Spanish in campaign ads and on the stump in a state where Hispanic voters are a small but growing slice of the population.

campaign at least $600,000. Senate race in Massachusetts in the past four years, was marked in part by the relatively low voter turnout. That turnout Burberry Wallet Trifold

In the town of Wayland, in Markey's congressional district, voters trickled in to polling places.

Handbag Prada Original

Markey, 66, led all the other candidates in fundraising and had won the backing early on of Kerry and a large segment of the Democratic establishment. Lynch, a South Boston conservative and self described "pro life" Democrat, was dogged in part by his decision to vote against President Barack Obama's 2010 health Burberry Bags Uk Ebay

Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick had named his former chief of staff, William "Mo" Cowan, to fill Kerry's seat on an interim basis until after the special election.

Handbag Prada Original

Handbag Prada Original

Handbag Prada Original

Gomez, the son of Colombian immigrants, celebrated his outsider status, wearing his lack of Washington experience as a badge of honor. Rep. Senate primary. Rep. Stephen Lynch, D Boston, in the primary. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

But Sullivan, of Abington, collected the smallest amount of campaign contributions of the three GOP candidates and was unable to run any statewide TV ads.

"There are a lot of people who are still down and not wanting to participate in things," she said. "It's disheartening."

Rep. Senate after winning their respective primaries Tuesday. Rep. Senate seat formerly held by John Kerry. Rep. Attorney Michael Sullivan and state Rep. Daniel Winslow in the GOP primary, according to unofficial returns. The special election is scheduled for June 25. Senate Republican primary. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Handbag Prada Original

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