Prada Bags Price In Pakistan

Prada Bags Price In Pakistan

Mill City captured in his lens


Prada Bags Price In Pakistan

"You might have walked by it 100 times, and especially if you're from Lowell, maybe you've just never really looked," said the UMass Lowell graduate. "That's what photography has really taught me how to look. And it's everywhere. I'll take a turn and there it is."

Prada Bags Price In Pakistan

"Somewhere in Lowell" features random coincidences and events like these. Walking downtown near Brew'd Awakening, Vel said he once found a printed photo booth snapshot stuck to a parking marker on Market Street. He took a shot of it and saved it. Then, while walking on Chambers Street, a large metal structure resembling a Boston Red Sox baseball cap lay in the front of someone's yard. He found it curious and took a picture to share it with others.

Vel 44, said his best shots come when he visits a place he probably walked by three or four times before. Something Burberry Purses Gray

Prada Bags Price In Pakistan

Vel immigrated from Cuba and now operates a working art studio out of the Western Avenue Studios with his wife Kerri, who runs 1933 letterpress. Sergio Vel graduated from UMass Lowell in 1997, after moving to the city in 1992. Vel went back to Lesley University for a master's of fine arts in photography in 2012.

Prada Bags Price In Pakistan

In another shot, a bookshelf seems to be teetering over a door to a building, with books pressed against a glass transom that appear as though they'd fall on anyone who entered.

a moment of time in the most intimate setting their private homes. Among his discoveries is this image of photo booth snapshots tacked to a parking meter downtown Burberry Tote Check

Prada Bags Price In Pakistan

"It's the little stuff that really kind of catches (you)," he said.

"Somewhere in Lowell" is one of Vel many projects. Others include one where he shoots portraits of people chatting live through webcam on the website Chat Roulette. He sees it as a way of capturing people in Burberry Crossbody Check Bag

Prada Bags Price In Pakistan

on Market Street. And Vel said he spotted that in a time that wasn't even close to Halloween.

"In that way, I see Lowell has this layer, covering the old part," he said."Batman," one of many images in the "Somewhere in Lowell" project, shows a little boy walking door to door downtown to collect candy."I look at some of the buildings and I think about them in the 1940s. Even just with the mills, back then, what it must have looked like when that 5 o'clock whistle came along.

LOWELL Lowell photographer Sergio Vel has a knack for finding the obscure across the Mill City. On one of his many walkabouts, he happens upon things you wouldn't expect.

Prada Bags Price In Pakistan

Prada Bags Price In Pakistan

new always catches his eye. He mentally marked the discovery as odd. Then he snapped a photo and posted it to his ongoing photography series, "Somewhere in Lowell."

ON LOOKOUT FOR HIDDEN TREASURE: Lowell photographer Sergio Vel zquez shows off his work at the Western Avenue Studios. Vel squez walks the streets of the city, capturing images of the obscure and humorous through his project, "Somewhere in Lowell." The photos he shows here are from a separate project in which he Prada Bags Price In Pakistan shoots portraits of people through a webcam chat site.

"I don't want it to become a (guessing) game, like, 'Where is it?' but people do like to guess, and I get a lot of pleasure from it," he said. "(I love) just knowing it's being seen."

Prada Bags Price In Pakistan

Vel views his "Somewhere" project as documenting the city as it changes over time. One photo he took, "Second Layer," captures a cobblestone street hidden under broken concrete laid down over an old roadway.

Prada Bags Price In Pakistan

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