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Brin that would probably explain why one Saturday night when my key broke in my front door a police riot van and 2 patrol cars turned up when I banged loudly on my front door to get my flat mate to let me in.

Police called to suspected burglary London Road in Bath

B.) Can spare 7 police vehicles and that resources aren't tied up dealing with other crimes being reported.

Please, don't have nightmares!

The report said that 7 vehicles attended, it didn't say how long for. I very much doubt that most of them were there for more than a few minutes.

I have tried to phone 999 to report a mugging etc, I get told "sorry, can't help you, someone will come and take a statement from you in 2 weeks!"

C.) That neighbours care enough to report such things

D.) That there is so little else happening that this makes the news.

Prada Wallet With Bow

Prada Wallet With Bow

Prada Wallet With Bow

It's also important to remember that the majority of the units are single crewed at this time of day (just look at any police cars passing you in the street in the morning), just because one person was seen leaving doesn't mean that there weren't more inside, two or even three officers would find it hard to tackle multiple suspects one of whom had already fled according to reports.

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Officers were called to the first floor flat in London Road after reports that a suspected burglar had jumped out of a window with a large bag.

A.) Sends 7 police vehicles to reports of a burglary in progress.

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sure it was meant to be and sleep easy in the knowledge that, in Bath at least, it seems that the thin blue line is a little thicker (perhaps in more ways than one ; ))

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After nearly being hit in the face by a female police officer with one of those extendable truncheons I was told "oh, sorry, one of your neighbours phoned 999 and said your flat was getting broken in to".

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And when my motorbike was stolen they cops arrested a 15 year old feral from Whiteway. The CPS dropped all charges even though it was proved that Prada Wallet With Bow the 15 year old chav stole my motorbike!

Just take the story as a bit of light hearted fun as I'm Handbags Burberry 2015

Prada Wallet With Bow

Prada Wallet With Bow

And on the one occasion that I did step Burberry Crossbody Bucket Bag

Prada Wallet With Bow

Several times I have witnesses crimes taking place in front of my eyes and the police have been in the vicinity. But when I have told the police who could have chased the suspects, they have said "sorry, we can't help" or "sorry, we we haven't received the report on our radio".

A man who jumped out of his bedroom window because he had locked himself inside his Bath flat got the shock of his life when he found himself surrounded by police.

And when a 15 year old feral youth was arrested on my motorbike that he stole, the CPS dropped all charges due to "lack of evidence"!

in to help someone who was being assaulted at the bottom of Green Street in Bath, the police turned up and threatened to arrest ME for interfering!!!!

'The Police are Useless' what a ridiculous, sweeping comment! Like any other organisation (see RUH rants elsewhere) they have successes and failures, angels and 'rotten apples'. I have always been impressed by police in Bath, compared to many other places I have lived and feel they are being unfairly criticised. Muggings are terrible, but feeling safe in oen;s own home surely is the most sacrosanct and important security for us all, and I, for one, am pleased to see this story as it shows the police take break ins seriously. Hurrah fro the cops!

Prada Wallet With Bow

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