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You can't plan that kind of magic. The police, emergency medical technicians and firefighters who walked across the field received a standing ovation. Fresh faced cheerleaders sobbed in one another's arms. The candles seemed to light instantaneously; the speakers, one Muslim, one Christian, one Jewish, were appropriate. Students thanked their parents for insisting that they go to what was essentially a funeral.

Sunday evening we watched "Band of Brothers," Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg's HBO miniseries on World War II. No danger of breaking the laugh barrier there. People were losing major appendages faster than the Dow was losing points Monday morning.

Sunday, I went to a friend's house to pick up some stereo speakers. On the way to the front door, I cut across a flower bed rimmed by a redwood border made of two by fours. I discovered too late that one had flipped over and had become disengaged from its cross piece. I stepped on two 2 inch nails that went through the soles of my high top tennis shoes into the pad of my left Burberry Check Card Holder

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Was I hurt? Not compared to what happened Sept 11. That raised the bar for complaining about scrapes and bruises.

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I didn't join, but I felt as if I had when I crawled under the house Sunday to hook up water to the ice maker. I was on my belly, inching forward in the dirt, under beams, through insulation and over air conditioning ducts. I battled the black widow terrorists and the creatures with no names that live under houses. All so that my family could enjoy crushed ice.

Like many American men, I thought about enlisting last week. It was not so much a desire for revenge as it was the sense that we cannot ask our sons to go to war for us if we are not willing to do so ourselves.

OK to laugh again? To take in a movie? Go to a restaurant?

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Life calls again. We do a disservice to those who died by being deaf to its melody. If a line or two tickles our funny bone, it behooves us to laugh as if our life depended on it.

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Monday, I heard that my brother's car had been stolen. I felt a sudden lift in my spirits.

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"Does it hurt?" asked the concerned friend, who was worried about my health on the one hand and the possible exercise of her homeowner's insurance on the other if I turned out to be the type of person who sues friends.

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It's been Prada Bags Blue a difficult week, a long week, a good week for pulling together and now it is a new week.

Our dilemma as a country was not unlike that of the comedians. When was it Burberry Iphone 6 Plus Case Amazon

Little tragedies in life just don't seem as bad

It reminded me of having friends over for dinner. Often the most successful get togethers happen at the last minute, in contrast to the intricately scripted affairs planned a month ahead. The candlelight vigil had been organized the night before. Flags, out of stock everywhere, appeared from some forgotten basement in the school. Candles were snapped up from religious stores.

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The question for them was when to start again. And when they did, how should they approach Burberry Wallet Ment

Sept. 11? Unless you're a terrorist, it's hard to see the humor in 5,000 people dying.

Before we could laugh, we had to do the opposite. Grieve privately, that was easily done, and then communally, which most of us did toward the end of the week. Last Friday, we joined nearly 4,000 people at BHS' Griffith Field for a candlelight vigil.

Prada Bags Blue

There's nothing that will make you happier than some fixable misery in one's own family.

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