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The breakthrough came when Mr Cox was able to identify Penny springer spaniel and its distinctive blue dog lead.

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Man stabbed Oadby dog walker in neck for not closing park gate

Another dog walker at the scene went to get help and chanced upon the house of a nurse, who rushed to his aid until paramedics arrived.

threatening him with a Swiss Army knife, in 2010.

Judge Michael Stokes told him: walked away, leaving him with blood spurting from his neck and causing him devastating personal injury, resulting in a permanent disability to his arm which is withered and has limited function.

may be this was triggered by Mr Cox not closing the gate and, because you consider things should be done with perfection, it caused you to react in this dangerous way. Judge Stokes said Penny presented a risk to the public.

His convictions include common assault, involving an argument with a man in the same park and Burberry Handbag Outlet

Mr Cox, who has undergone three operations since the incident, was unable to attend the hearing after being admitted to hospital earlier this week, suffering from breathing problems associated with the attack.

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The judge publicly commended Pc Gary Dickinson, whose hunch led him to believe Penny was responsible for the attack.

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With little evidence linking Penny to the crime, and Mr Cox unable to identify his attacker, the officer pursued the matter.

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The knife penetrated just below his larynx, narrowly missing the main artery. The incident caused severe nerve damage that has left Mr Cox with Prada Wallet Orange limited function in his arm.

comes from a good family and his mother, a midwife, is in court. She a devoted mother and is distraught about the situation her son is in. Speaking after the hearing, Detective Constable Gary Dickinson, the investigating officer, said: would like thank those members of the public who came to the aid of the victim as there is no doubt that they saved the victim life.

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punched out at him, sending him Burberry Crossbody Purse

Penny, of Malham Way, Oadby, had previously been warned by police about carrying a knife.

Speaking after the sentencing, his daughter, Louise, said: injury has taken its toll on my father.

overreact to events that most people would simply shrug off, the judge said.

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In mitigation, Walter Bealby, said psychiatric reports indicated Penny was of intellect He said: Penny observed him leaving a gate open, that a breach of the countryside code and to Penny, with the way he thinks, it was a much more serious matter than it would be for someone else.

Yesterday, he was given a 13 year sentence, with nine years to serve and four years on extended licence.

plainly suffer from a mild learning disability. You are hypersensitive and obsessive.

children in the face and throwing them into a canal, the court heard.

backwards, Mr Varley said. Cox thought he been punched but when he put his hand to his neck, felt blood pumping out. Mr Cox staggered to his car and tried to stem the bleeding with a blanket.

dog walkers using the park went out in pairs after this happened, but now the sentence has been passed they can go out safely. During the hearing, James Varley, prosecuting, said that on the day of the attack, Penny, who was also walking a dog, began shouting and swearing at Mr Cox when he saw he had left the gate open.

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Penny was previously cautioned for an incident which involved punching Burberry Wallet Haymarket

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