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She said the building also meets requirements with Fitchburg State University to qualify as official housing if the school needs to transfer a dormitory resident.

Only full time Fitchburg State University students can live there. Residency requires a one year lease.

CampoBasso identified the owners of 75 Day St. as local businessmen. Russell Barnaby of Arlington owns the Historic Simonds Hall and submitted plans five years ago before the student Housing Overlay District was created to ease housing restrictions around the university.

CampoBasso said there will only be 24 parking spots at the building, but an additional 25 parking spots will be reserved at the Intermodal station on Main Street.

McKenna said a sample apartment will be ready for viewing by the end of April and the plan is to be ready for students to move in before the Fall 2012 semester begins.

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"We tried to keep some of the integrity of the look intact," said CampoBasso. One of the large arched windows on the upper floor will be part of the common room inside a two bedroom apartment.

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Vincent J. CampoBasso is representing the 75 Day Street trust that owns the student apartment building, now known as Dillon Hall. The interior was gutted and is being divided into apartments of two and four bedrooms, with one large five person apartment, for a total of 45 bedrooms.

As required by the Student Overlay District ordinance, the building will be staffed by two residential advisers. every day. There will also be a communal study on the second floor and the basement will include a laundry room and game room with a big screen television.

The brick exterior will be cleaned up, according to CampoBasso. He said that will include washing the bricks and using a muriatic acid spray to improve the appearance.

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the downtown area.

Michael J. O'Hara, principal planner for Fitchburg, said the race is on between Dillon Hall and the Historic Simonds Hall located at 26 Willow St. to be the first building to open under the overlay district. Both are scheduled to be completed and ready by Aug. 1.

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Pamela McKenna is a leasing agent in charge of assisting students who wish to become residents.

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FITCHBURG Developers are hoping to make the old Dillon Elementary School building at 75 Day St. the first project to take advantage of the city's new Student Housing Overlay District.

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Old school to become university housing

CampoBasso said they're taking security seriously. There will be 16 security cameras spread among the common areas and outside the building. Those cameras will feed into the residential Prada Mens Handbags advisers' rooms and a management office located offsite.

Students will be able to drive in from the Snow Street side and a scanner will open the gate. They will then need to scan a card to get into the building, then their card will let them into their individual apartment. The building can remotely be locked to prevent anyone from entering, but still allow people to exit.

"All the interior walls will be insulated for sound," said CampoBasso. Each room will be furnished and include WiFi Internet access.

well managed, will be assets to the area by providing housing and locating more residents near Burberry Wallet Trifold

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O'Hara said both apartment buildings, if Burberry Tottenham Tote

The old school building was built in the 1870s and the property was purchased two years ago. At the time it was being used by the Children's Aid and Family Service Inc. day care center.

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