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It is so obvious from some of the posts on here thay they are ignorant of the role that TA 's have.

Mike Duignan, managing director, said "no more than" 40 posts would be affected. Staff were told of the proposals on Monday.

Prada Bag Orange

Prada Bag Orange

Unison said Slater Primary, in Frog Island, Leicester, has had to carry out a review, leading to the loss of four teaching Handbags Burberry 2016

Prada Bag Orange

Prada Bag Orange

Mr Garner said information received from Leicester City Council also indicated staffing reviews at Mellor Primary, Belgrave; Keyham Lodge School, Hamilton; Northfield House Primary, Northfields; Queensmead Primary and Caldecote Primary, both in Braunstone; Wyvern Primary, Rushey Mead; Humberstone Juniors; Evington Valley Primary; and Fosse Primary, in Woodgate. The council could not confirm the proposed Burberry Bag Grade Aaa

The 115 year old firm, which makes parts used in machines for building cars, computers and planes, has seen "an overwhelming international downturn in demand".

They are not teachers and do not need to have the qualifications a teacher needs.

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Prada Bag Orange

If parents ensured that their little darlings could just do things Burberry Crossbody Satchel

Engineering company Jones and Shipman Precision, in Braunstone Frith, Leicester, announced it is looking at almost halving its workforce of more than 90 people.

job cuts at Leicester primary schools and Twycross Zoo

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Twenty jobs have also been lost in Prada Bag Orange Loughborough with the closure of Charnwood Country Club, which includes a restaurant, a golf range and a wedding venue, after a sharp drop in trade.

redundancies yesterday. It is also not clear what has caused the financial difficulties.

So many parents think it is fantastic that young Billy or sally can read so and so and count to such a number but they don't understand what they are reading.

I have worked within schools as a peripatetic instructor, and I have taught whole classes. Without the assistance of the TAs, I would not have been able to run the whole class lessons and keep an eye on every single child. If there were any students misbehaving, or any students not taking part in the lesson, the TAs sat with them and made sure that they completed other work. The students were aware that this was their job, and the majority of them liked the TAs, and every single one of them did what the TAs asked, they held that much respect. The TAs made sure that my comments were passed on to the teachers, for compliments and complaints against the students, and they did it all, week in, week out, with smiles on their faces. I would not like to have to work in the same situation without the assistance from the TAs, and I only worked in schools part time, so I would understand if the teachers and the students would miss any TAs who may unfortunately lose their jobs due to budget cuts.

Latest figures show the county's dole queue had recently shrunk falling by 124 between May and June, to 24,173.

like tie their own shoelaces,get dressed and heaven forbid wipe their own backsides when they have been to the toilet then maybe staff would have a bit more time to spend on the actual education.

Prada Bag Orange

Prada Bag Orange

They ASSIST ( thats why they are called assistants) teaching staff in the general running of the classroom and without them how do you think that all the other jobs get done.

assistant posts. The union also reported that nine redundancies have taken place or are planned at Woodstock Primary in Stocking Farm, and Medway Primary in Highfields. Cuts in teaching assistant hours have also been proposed at Rolleston Primary, Eyres Monsell.

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