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paint can. The rags should be completely covered with a solution of water and an oil breakdown detergent.

Prada Bag Red And Black

AYER The new wooden bar was supposed to turn the empty basement in Michael Field's Main Street building into a sports pub at last.

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Prada Bag Red And Black

airtight, non combustible container with a tight fitting lid, such as an old Burberry Handbag On Sale

Prada Bag Red And Black

Prada Bag Red And Black

and his business partner, Keith Bradley, had imagined customers coming through the pub's doors within two weeks. Instead, they were now looking at a charred basement barely supporting the top floors.

Cohen's office is reminding people that oil or gas soaked rags need to be hung outdoors to dry or spread out flat and never should be left in a pile. Dry rags should be stored in a small, Burberry Inspired Handbag

Once the small piece of rags tossed on the floor catches fire, it spreads like flames that started in any other ways, said Ayer Fire Chief Robert Pedrazzi.

Prada Bag Red And Black

"Every fire starts small," Prada Bag Red And Black Mieth said.

Now, fire chiefs in these communities are joining Fire Marshal Stephen Cohen in warning people of the danger of careless disposal of oily rags.

Rag fires are especially tragic, said Jennifer Mieth, spokesperson for the Fire Marshal's Office, because homes that they were being improved are reduced to ashes in a matter of hours.

On June 19, after months of renovation work, the bar was being installed inside what was set to become Sidetracked Pub, according to the state Fire Marshal's Office. Left behind there that night were dirty rags used to stain the furniture. The flames quickly spread throughout the three story mixed use building, forcing seven adults and two children to flee the five alarm fire only with the shirts on their backs.

´╗┐Officials warn of potential fire hazard from oil

Prada Bag Red And Black

Field is hardly alone in experiencing heartbreak from fire that started in the midst of do it yourself home improvement projects. Dirty rags are a well known source of fire as they are used to apply paints and stains that contain volatile organic compounds that make the products flammable, according to the Fire Marshal's Office.

"We were so close," Field said while standing outside the ruined building at 63 Main St. on June 20. "The flooring was going in today."

Pedrazzi said people need to pay attention to the warnings on the containers of paints, stains and other VOC based solutions.

"The cans are clearly marked that there is a danger of it," Pedrazzi said.

Prada Bag Red And Black

Prada Bag Red And Black

Prada Bag Red And Black

Over a 20 day period from late May to early June alone, dirty rags caused fire in three Massachusetts communities different towns in Massachusetts, including Ayer. On June 11, a single family home in Waltham caught fire due to spontaneous combustion of cooking oil soaked rags in a bag. A three alarm fire in Belmont on June 1 stemmed from oily rags left at a home improvement project. Rags soaked in stain for a deck was to blame for a Royalston fire that destroyed a barn on May 31.

Dirty rags can spontaneously combust because liquid containing VOC such as stains, varnishes and paint thinners produces heat in the process of drying, according to Cohen's office. The air becomes trapped between the layers of folded or balled cloth, which itself is combustible.

Prada Bag Red And Black

"One minute you are making your home better, and a few hours later you and your family are homeless," said Cohen in a press release warning of the fire danger. "Taking the extra time to safely handle the fire hazard that oily rags pose can lead to truly enjoying your hard work."

Prada Bag Red And Black

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