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He broached the idea when he was hired but couldn't find any partners.

"We can give up things we control if somebody can do it better," Healey said.

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The work is expected to be done in late April, Goldman said.

"We have space for regionalization," Healey said. "We moved our detective bureau out of here which initially didn't make us happy but now we have the space for regionalization."

There will be enough furniture in the new dispatch center for up to three dispatchers for police department and a dispatcher for the fire department.

There is enough room to add equipment for up to 10 dispatchers.

The Police Department is also installing a new heating system so heating units on the walls may need to be relocated.

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Other parts of the country use regionalized dispatch centers regularly because they are cost efficient, Healey said.

Healey wants to use the larger space to create a regional dispatch center that could also include the Fire Department and eventually other Police or Fire departments from the area.

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Prada Ipad

the move

The center is near the front of the building and has a window looking out on the lobby so the noise can be distracting during emergencies.

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are too many problems with the current dispatch center that prevent it from reaching full efficiency, said Lt. Michael D. Goldman, who is in charge of the department's internal operations.

´╗┐Leominster dispatch center on Burberry Wallet Aaa

"It's bigger, it is easier to control the environment in there," Goldman said. "We can isolate them better."

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LEOMINSTER The emergency 911 dispatch center at the Police Department headquarters on Church Street is hot, small and loud.

"In the northeast everyone wants to hold onto their pie so you end up with duplication," he said.

At other times police officers are walking and talking in the adjoining office for the officer manning the front desk.

So Chief Robert J. Healey and his staff are relocating it to the former detective bureau on the second floor which was a courtroom for Leominster District Court until 1996.

The new dispatch center will cost about $100,000, he said.

Leominster ordered $53,760 worth of furniture for Prada Ipad the new dispatch center Thursday, said the city's Burberry Boston Travel Bag

Detectives now work out of the former Plastics Museum on Lancaster Street.

Fitchburg Police Chief Robert A. DeMoura likes the idea of a regionalized dispatch center.

A new $31,630 antistatic floor is being installed to prevent static electricity from harming the computers, which the current dispatch center doesn't have.

The upstairs center will eliminate those problems so dispatchers can work without distractions during emergencies.

Some communities are afraid a regional dispatch center will take away the personalized service and understanding of a local person but conversations with dispatchers are normally limited to just the facts of a situation, he said.

The cheapest way to start is combining police and fire department dispatch centers for each community, DeMoura said.

Healey is willing to consider outsourcing dispatch services if a better deal could be negotiated.

There are up to three dispatchers on duty and each one monitors three computer screens for each call for help that comes.

Purchasing Agent Gregory Chapdelaine.

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Moving the dispatch center upstairs makes sense whether efforts to regionalize pan out or not, Healey said.

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Prada Ipad

Prada Ipad

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