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then Prada Bags Black Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller at the Vatican on Apri l5, 2013.

"Today we are marking four years since the earthquake," said a priest, Hans Alexandre, in Haiti. The pontiff's emphasis on the poor "touches us immensely."

Francis' announcement of the honor of the Les Cayes Bishop Chibly Langlois, who, at 55, was the youngest of the appointees, came as the impoverished Caribbean nation marked the anniversary of the quake there that killed tens of thousands of people.

The College of Cardinals is 13 shy of that 120 mark among eligible to vote members. In addition, three cardinals will turn 80 by May. That means Francis chose the exact number of new cardinals needed to bring the voting ranks up to 120 during the next few months.

Under the tenure of Mueller, who was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI, a fellow German, critics have accused the Vatican's handling of the sex abuse scandal, including Burberry Bags 2017 Collection

Once again, the cardinal's red hat eluded Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin. The prelate in that traditionally Catholic country has angered some in the Vatican by strongly criticizing how the hierarchy handled the worldwide clerical sex abuse scandal.

letting pedophile priests transfer from parish to parish when complaints were made.

Since his election in March as the first pontiff from Latin America, the pope has broken tradition after tradition in terms of protocol and style at the Vatican. But in Sunday's list, Francis stuck to the church's rule of having no more than 120 cardinals eligible to elect the next pontiff.

Francis read out the 19 names to a crowd of tens of thousands in St. Peter's Square.

Sixteen of the appointees are younger than 80, meaning they would be eligible to elect the next pope, which is a cardinal's most important task, after the Feb. 22 ceremony Burberry Dennis Backpack

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Prada Bags Black

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said the pope's selection of churchmen from Haiti and Burkina Faso reflects Francis' attention to the destitute as a core part of the church's mission.

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Pope names 19 new cardinals

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Prada Bags Black

Some appointments were expected, including that of his new secretary of state, Italian archbishop Pietro Parolin, and the German head of the Vatican's watchdog office for doctrinal orthodoxy, Gerhard Ludwig Mueller. Two others named Sunday also come from the curia, as the Holy See's Rome based bureaucracy is known.

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Prada Bags Black

SNAP criticized the choice of Mueller, saying he had a "dreadful" record on children's safety.

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Pope Francis, left, meets with Burberry Backpack Purse Nordstrom

Prada Bags Black

In Burkina Faso, the archbishop of Ouagadougou, Philipe Ouedraogo, said he thought reporters had made a mistake when they called him about his promotion to cardinal's rank, as he had no advance word from the Vatican. He also embraced Francis' vision of a church toiling for those on the margins of society.

to formally install them.

"I fully recognize myself in his vision and pastoral philosophy that, like Jesus, identifies himself with the poor and the sick," the African prelate said. Ouedraogo, very popular in his homeland, had recently opposed a proposed change to the constitution to allow the country's president, in power since 1987, to run for another term.

But advocates for victims of sex abuse by Catholic clergy said they felt let down that Francis didn't unequivocally embrace their calls that prelates who hadn't made a clean break with past practices of covering up pedophile behavior never be promoted.

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