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due to the council.

This process is entirely consistent with council procedures.

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They however made the mistake of turning their backs onto it. We must not make that same error. We have over a hundred years of enhanced intelligence to call upon, together with the amazing advances in technical knowledge.

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Prada Backpack Replica

The river running through our city is as important to the future direction our city takes, as it was to the Victorians. It was their M4!

´╗┐Managing our local moorings

To do this, the council has come to an arrangement with Riverside Leisure Management who will collect fees from people who use the moorings all transactions are open to the scrutiny of the council on a monthly basis.

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With the review of our leisure contract taking place in summer 2013, this is the ideal time to gather information on the operation of the moorings to make the most effective decisions about how Burberry Phone Case Galaxy S4

DAVID LAWRENCE Divisional Director, Tourism Leisure and Culture, Bath and North East Somerset Council

and help me tell the world about our Avon on the 31st October in the Guildhall at 10am ."

If anyone wishes to moor their boat for free, there are other options in the city, including the free 24 and 48 hour moorings on the canal.

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It is screaming out to be friendly to all of us if only we would make it a safe place to play upon and walk alongside. It needs to be used to exercise not only our minds but also our bodies.

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I have been banging this river drum for over twenty years now so please come Burberry Bags Buy

It is yelling at us to use it to create jobs and alternative homes that even the poorest of us can enjoy and lead a secure and fulfilled life.

There is a 12 month Service Level Agreement in place to ensure the company conducts their business in the way the council wishes, including the style of service to be provided and performance indicators which include the collection of fees Burberry Iphone 7 Plus Case

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they are run in the future.

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As The Bath N E Somerset Council's River Champion I just wanted to say;

Surely we must look to our great natural resource to help us build a safer, healthier, and income generating future for our generations to come. Our River Avon, which I love, cherish and respect is begging us to employ it to carry our goods and people, to provide us with energy and nourishment.

The council wants to Prada Backpack Replica develop an improved offer around the moorings to ensure a better experience for visitors including a welcoming service, improved information, and more effective tidying up of the river bank.

No contracts have been awarded beyond the twelve 12 agreement.

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Prada Backpack Replica

We also want better management of the moorings, informed and expert management (such as dragon boat racing and boat rallies), and a more efficient way of collecting fees from people who use moorings.

"On a slightly different note. has anyone tried to contact the council in the last few days? I just called the switchboard number expecting to hear that lovely musical lady who sings "Good morning Bath and North East Somerset" only to get a recorded message diverting me to emergency numbers and 0845 numbers for various contacts. where has the switchboard gone???? Have the council now made themselves totally uncontactable??? I tried the emergency number they give out and got another recorded message saying the building has been evacuated! Does this mean that we are no longer able to contact specific council officers? COUNCIL SPOKE PLEASE RESPOND!!"

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