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Recently at Beatty, a small town near Melfort a young band of musicians from around here, Constant Reminder, played a concert. When I saw that the entire crowd was my parent generation I was, at first, concerned for the young musicians who love retro rock and roll. But as they played, the crowd was filled with joy and then I remembered who these people are. They were born to rock.

Now at first glimpse the two don seem to go together but, when you think about it, our music follows us as we mature from teens to adults to middle agers to seniors to elderly.

Recently, I have been thinking about age and music.

It a different world and I glad to see the example of the generation ahead of me refusing to let their lights dim.

Prada Wallet Bifold

As I grew up, this generation would go to dances Burberry Crossbody Price

Hopefully, my generation will be equally cool for the youngsters following and that we will be patient that they don know the relationship between a pencil and a cassette tape but that we will learn from them as our parents learned from us, which reminds me of more lyrics from a song my mom (a folky) loves from Crosby Stills and Nash that has us "teach Burberry Check Backpack

children well . and feed them on your dreams. . And you, of tender years, can know the fears that your elders grew by. So please help them with your youth. They seek the truth, before they can die. . Teach your parent well, their children hell will slowly go by. And feed them on your dreams."

How are dances changed? Does the music start out with Elvis and the Beatles then slowly move to The Who and Eric Clapton then up to AC DC and so on? Does anyone polka or two step any more?

Prada Wallet Bifold

Prada Wallet Bifold

Rock and Roll Generation

Neil Young has a song which says, "its better to burn out than it is to rust" and I think that applies to the baby boomers who are not babies any more but are still idealistic, healthy, vital and young. Boomers are now referred to as zoomers and they are a great example for us.

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And what about listeners in their 20 and younger. I am greatly encouraged to hear these kids pounding out tunes I know and love from their cars as they drive by. At lunch the other day, a kid in a cool car was blasting Barracuda by Heart and I almost cried.

your Burberry Weekend Tote

So this changes a lot of things.

Prada Wallet Bifold

Prada Wallet Bifold

almost every Saturday night and rock around the clock. My parents and my aunt and uncle could Jive like nobody business and were on Jack Cennon TV dance show in the 60 and guess what . they can still out dance most people my age.

Prada Wallet Bifold

Today seniors . and by that I mean my parent generation and up who are now grandparents and great grandparents; who are retired or preparing to retire are the generation that birthed rock and roll.

Prada Wallet Bifold

It was something my cohort and I would joke about when we were young reporters in Tisdale. We both would go to the senior homes to take pictures of the "old time music" and would note that the what was enjoyed by seniors was the music of their youth.

Prada Wallet Bifold

Dances, for example, had a routine of playing polkas and "old time" music first for the "seniors" to enjoy and by 10 or so, the old people would go home to bed and the tempo and volume would steadily increase.

Prada Wallet Bifold

These are the famous Baby Boomers.

It Prada Wallet Bifold was funny then but now that I am past 40 years of age, technically rapidly heading towards being a senior, I am thinking about this more.

Our culture needs some changes now to accommodate seniors who no longer want to play carpet bowling as much as they want to dance.

Prada Wallet Bifold

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