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About a half dozen lawyers from local firms that handle personal injury cases were on hand to watch Panish's closing argument. The Los Angeles lawyer from Panish Shea Boyle LLP is well known in the industry for having won some high dollar verdicts.

"You're going to have to determine what your thoughts are on this," O'Dell told the jury Wednesday. "Does that seem realistic to you? Or does it seem like an excuse to explain why they didn't do it?"

come down to Jefferson Park and we're gonna run you over and kill you," Panish said. "How much money do you think they'd have to put at the bottom of that ad to get people to respond to it? Do you think people would be lined up down at The Californian for $350,000 or $400,000?"

In closing arguments, plaintiffs' attorney Brian Panish asked jurors to consider placing an ad in The Bakersfield Californian looking for a 54 year old man to be run over and killed by a city truck, someone with two daughters and a mother he was supporting.

The civil trial, which started last Thursday, concerns the death of Armando Morataya. The 54 year old was lying in the grass at Jefferson Park on the afternoon of July 10, 2008, when a city of Bakersfield parks worker ran over him in a Ford F 150, crushing his chest. Morataya died eight days later at Kern Medical Center with his daughters and mother at his side. The three women are now plaintiffs in the civil suit.

O'Dell also said Panish's request for a $9 million damage award created a "Las Vegas syndrome."

"The reason we're here is because the city of Burberry Wallet Crossbody

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He also said the city was betting a jury in conservative Kern County wouldn't provide "full and complete justice."

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"We want you to Burberry Crossbody Sale

moved to Bakersfield in 2004 to take care of his mother in her final years. Bakersfield attorney David Cohn of Chain Cohn Stiles is also representing the family.

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How much to get run over and killed

Bakersfield has hired the best lawyer they can find, and they don't think you 12 people from Kern County will do it," Panish said.

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The city admitted liability before the Prada Green Wallet trial started, and also admitted Morataya's death was due to the negligence of the city worker driving the truck, Timothy Ornelas, then 45. Both the city and Ornelas are named as defendants.

"I'm always astonished at how simply those numbers like that roll off the tongues of attorneys," he said, adding that casinos specialize in separating "your common sense from your dollars."Panish got the last word in front of the jury.

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Morataya's family members including his ex wife, mother, both daughters and a half brother gave testimony showing him as a supportive, patient man who didn't buy things for himself but always put financial support of his family ahead of all else. The El Salvador native raised his family in Houston, for the most part, but Burberry Mens Iphone Case

During the trial, O'Dell repeatedly brought up the family's lack of holiday cards and photos. In closing arguments, he reminded jurors of the family's testimony saying they thought cards were a waste of money. One daughter said her mother scolded her when she once bought a Mother's Day card because it cut into gas money.

The city's attorney, Michael O'Dell of Bakersfield firm Clifford Brown, mounted his defense Wednesday morning by calling a single witness, an economist. Mostly, O'Dell has picked through testimony of family members, highlighting discrepancies with prior depositions and trying to portray the relationship between Morataya and his daughters as remote.

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