Prada Bag For Women

Prada Bag For Women

Prada Bag For Women

The iconic wartime poster became an enduring symbol of women's power.

Doyle's husband of 66 years died in February. A son, Gary, died in 1980. In addition to her daughter Stephanie, Doyle is survived by her other daughters, Jacqueline Drewes, Deidre Doyle and Lauretta Doyle; her son, Brian Doyle; her sister, Virginia Watson; her brother, Clifford Hoff; 18 grandchildren; and 25 great grandchildren.

"You're not supposed to have too much pride, but I can't help to have some in that poster," Doyle told the Lansing State Journal in 2002 after she was invited to speak at the Michigan state Senate. It's just sad I didn't know it was me sooner," Doyle said. "Maybe it's a good thing. I couldn't have handled all the excitement then."

Doyle was operating a metal stamping machine when a United Press photographer took a picture of the tall, slender and glamorously beautiful brunet wearing a polka dot bandana over her hair.

service photo is said to have been the model for the woman depicted in the 1942 We Can Do It

Her photo, according to Prada Bag For Women an account on the Pop History Dig website, was seen by Pittsburgh artist J. Howard Miller, who was commissioned by the Westinghouse War Production Co ordinating Committee to create a series of morale building posters to inspire Westinghouse factory workers.

Prada Bag For Women

Prada Bag For Women

Prada Bag For Women

Doyle was a 17 year old high school graduate when she took a job at the American Broach Machine Co. In her Burberry Handbag Ebay Uk

Doyle, who was born July 31, 1924, actually worked in the factory only a couple of weeks; a cello player, she quit after learning that the woman she had replaced had injured her hand on the metal press, her daughter said.

Doyle appeared at a number of poster signings and events at the Michigan Women's Historical Center and Hall of Fame over the years.

Her daughter Stephanie Gregg said: "She had just graduated, and some of the young men had left school to volunteer to fight, a couple had been killed, and she felt she wanted to do something for the war effort."

"She was tickled to recognise that she was the inspiration for so many women."

and white polka dot bandana and a blue uniform, rolling up a sleeve over a flexed right bicep.

Gregg said her mother, who was not as muscular as the woman depicted in the poster, had no idea her photograph had been used as a model for Miller's poster until the mid Burberry Bags History

"She was a very gracious woman," said former executive director Gladys Beckwith.

Prada Bag For Women

Prada Bag For Women

Prada Bag For Women

The We Can Do It! poster image has been reproduced frequently in recent decades on a variety of items.

She then got a job at a bookstore in Ann Arbor, where she soon met her future husband, Leo H. Doyle, who was in dental school. They were married in 1943 and had six children. Doyle also worked as the office manager at her husband's dental office until she was 75.


Geraldine Hoff Doyle, a Second World War factory worker whose bandana wearing image in a wire service photo is said to have been the model for the woman depicted in the 1942 We Can Do It! poster, has died. She was 86.

Prada Bag For Women

The poster, Beckwith said, "represents Rosie the Riveter, a really strong woman who has taken on a non traditional role and is happy in it and is contributing to the war effort. It's a very significant image, one that has endured."

Miller's We Can Do It! poster portrays a woman in a red Laptop Bags Burberry

hometown of Ann Arbor, in 1942, a time when millions of women across the country were going to work to replace men who had gone to war.

Prada Bag For Women

Prada Bag For Women

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