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Prada Bags Black And Red

The incident occurred during a Friday night home football game on Sept. 13 when David realized that he had forgotten to remove a hunting knife he had in his jacket pocket. He had been using the knife to help clear a wooded area near his home.

A Fox Chapel Area High School student will only serve a 10 day suspension and not face possible expulsion for turning in to security a knife he accidentally brought to a school football game, the student's attorney said today.

David Schaffner III, a 16 year old junior, had hoped to have his suspension vacated and erased from his permanent academic record after the school district invoked a state law to suspend him after the incident Sept. 13.

In addition, school policy and state law call for students who bring weapons onto school property or to school events to be expelled for a year. But both allow for superintendents to make exceptions to the expulsion provision.

Prada Bags Black And Red

"I wouldn't say he's happy with a 10 day suspension," Mr. DiLucente said. "But he's certainly happy with not facing an expulsion hearing."

Prada Bags Black And Red

No expulsion for student who turned in knife at Fox Chapel football game

Prada Bags Black And Red

Mr. DiLucente had asked that an exception be made for David for trying to be honest.

that are required by law. This is a Burberry Red Crossbody Bag

Prada Bags Black And Red

week: "When there is a weapon on school property, we must follow the steps Burberry Inspired Crossbody

Prada Bags Black And Red

Prada Bags Black And Red

But the district said in a statement earlier this Burberry Tote Bags Outlet

His attorney had made the case that David was being harshly punished for doing the right thing. But the school district said it needed to adhere to a zero tolerance policy for everyone's safety.

Prada Bags Black And Red

"A zero tolerance policy is a very flawed policy because it does not give enough discretion to administrators and faculty," he said.

In a statement today about the agreement, the school district would only say that during the meeting, "a resolution agreeable to both parties was reached. The outcome of the meeting is confidential, but all parties felt that, under Pennsylvania law, the agreement was fair and took all circumstances into account."

When he realized he had the knife in his pocket as he approached the school's stadium gate, he took the knife out and gave it to a security guard, who allowed David to enter the game.

The agreement reached today between the school district and the student's family means that while David won't get his suspension vacated, he won't face the possibility of being kicked out of school for the rest of the year, as allowed by law, said Prada Bags Black And Red attorney Phil DiLucente.

"If someone willingly comes forth with a type of weapon and turns it in, you shouldn't be treated like you were caught with it," he said. "If, in fact, you're caught with it, or you use it, those are different circumstances.

At a meeting Monday with David and his parents, school officials said their zero tolerance policy required David to be suspended for 10 days for bringing a weapon onto school property.

Prada Bags Black And Red

responsibility we have to our community, students and staff."

Prada Bags Black And Red

Several minutes later, the high school principal, Michael Hower, came into the stands and told David he had to leave the game.

Mr. DiLucente said while this case is resolved, he intends to contact state legislators to change state law to allow leniency for cases such as David's.

Mr. DiLucente could not say whether school officials agreed to remove the suspension from David's permanent record.

Prada Bags Black And Red

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