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So. If the Thais lose all their money I really wouldn't give a hoot. They have taken a financial risk as businessmen. I hope they succeed.

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want is to lose key players on a Bosman Burberry Haymarket Tote Yellow

Morgan is entering the final year of his contract and is expected to be offered a new three year contract.

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Hulldaz, if we don't go up next season then we try again the following season: new players, new manager. So what?

I might be way off the mark here but it's looking like its all or nothing next season ! What with the new rules coming into affect and players with contracts due to expire its starting to look a real gamble on LCFC part .

Supporting a club means through thick and thin.

The fact that overall the football is more competitive and in some ways more entertaining than the premier league .

You speak as if following a team in the Championship was a grind.

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I'm in no way saying its a grind supporting Prada Bag Grey a team in the championship , god I remember the days when Hull looked like disappearing as a club so I know what a grind feels like ! I just wonder why it seems like you have key players that haven't had a new contract or if they have had one offered Burberry Dk88 Small

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´╗┐Leicester City transfer talk

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What happens if you fail to get promotion ? You lose 2 players that are a key part of your first team ,you most probably lose your manager and back room staff ! Then a what ?

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Foxulike !

They then travel to Ilkeston, Port Vale and York City before entertaining Monaco on July 27 and finish their preparations away at Northampton on July 30 before they kick off their campaign on Saturday, August 3, at Middlesbrough.

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So. Remind you of the Schmeicel saga? First you offer peanuts, then up it a little, then try to unsettle the player with 'allegations' of transfer requests. THEN you send Hulldaz on to Leicester and Burnley websites underlining 'the last year of your contracts'. Hulldaz, Hull are getting(have got) a bit of a reputation. It may come back to bite you. As a former 4th and 3rd Div. club, remember from where you came. Some clubs respect contracts. And don't sign players through the Press!. Enjoy trying to beat Derby's record in your one season in the sun!

Good evening guys !

LCFC have been through administration once before. And we're still here. Portsmouth have been through the worst financial disaster imaginable for a football club, and they're still here. Coventry don't even have a ground. But they're still here. Newport County went bust in 1984. And guess what?? THEY'RE BACK!!

Like many other clubs in this Division (Forest, Brighton, Blackburn, Watford, QPR, Bolton, Wigan) our level of investment relies on promotion in order to re coup. However, not all those clubs can be promoted this season.

Boss Nigel Pearson sees Morgan as vital to his plans for the new campaign after a tremendous season, which saw him named in the Championship team of the year. City will adopt the same hard lined approach as they did with Hull's attempts to sign goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel, when they rejected offers and refused to discuss the matter.

I would be worried to some existent ! I say this as come the end of this next season will the new rules really start to affect clubs and the last thing you would Burberry Bags Mens

I totally agree with you and in some ways I will miss the championship .

why haven't they signed ?


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