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Today, Hakansson employs a full time staff of nine, many of them friends who took interest in the project when it first began, and five part time employees.

Over the years, I figured out what skis were more popular and what worked best."

Moment has cultivated its own team of skiers, most of whom are local, to represent the brand and expand its presence.

Casey Hakansson learned how to build skis in a snowboard manufacturing shop.

Growth, upward and outward

of investors, and Moment began selling to customers. Hakansson, then 27, had taken a giant leap of faith.

It was not the conventional route for starting a ski company, but it's where the journey began for the 32 year old founder and president of Sparks based Moment Skis.

By 2006, Hakansson had gained the interest Burberry Ziggy Wallet

Shannon Bahrke, a bronze medal winner in moguls, and Heather McPhie.

"Every year, more and more people were asking for (the skis)," he said. "The demands of my family and friends grew into what it is now."

"A lot was trial and error," he said. "I started just making skis I liked, then slowly began making skis for customers' demands. Burberry Handbags New Collection

Prada Double Tote

Last year, the company's revenue was about $450,000; this year it hopes to surpass $1 million.

Each ski has an all wood core. And all are handcrafted, with 90 percent of materials made and distributed in the United States. The skis' face designs change each year, featuring work from artists all over the world.

The company also added an outerwear line this year, offering three styles of jackets and two styles of pants.

And while Hakansson is in the driver's seat, he said the road he's traveling is all new.

Prada Double Tote

Prada Double Tote

As the company has grown, its products have evolved.

"My friend was making snowboards over at Sentury Snowboards (in Reno)," Hakansson said. "Through bugging him and seeing how he did it, and just asking a bunch of questions, is how the first Moment Skis were built."

Prada Double Tote

From a Sparks warehouse, it distributes product internationally in Europe, Asia and Australia and across most of the United States. Ski Team athletes Burberry Bag Replica Sale

now in distribution across the world

Prada Double Tote

Prada Double Tote

Prada Double Tote

Prada Double Tote

"I definitely had no plan of being where we are now," he said.

The Gardnerville native, who grew up with a passion for skiing but began his career by running his family's Gardnerville masonry after college, said making skis started out as something "super hobby ish."

Prada Double Tote

As the number of skiers interested in Hakansson's product grew, he began to realize there was potential as a business enterprise.

In March, after the company had outgrown its production space in the Reno snowboard shop, it moved into its own location in Sparks.

Snowboard shop and his own garage, learning along the way and developing his skills Prada Double Tote based on input and requests from a growing customer base.

And just where is Hakansson's company?

"The design has changed a lot," Hakansson said. Ski Team, which are available to the public for the first time this year. The line ranges from "groomer specific, carving" skis to "pure powder" skis, Hakansson said. The skis range in price from $500 to $725.

Moment Skis has doubled its sales volume in each of the last four years since it went commercial.

When Hakansson started, in 2003, he was creating skis for himself, and his friends and family. He split the "project" between the Sentury

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