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Leicester's bid to become the next UK City of Culture will be assessed by judges in June. The winner will be announced in November.

However, the mayor's presentation was diverted when the youngsters also began questioning him about the closure of an independent children's activity centre.

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Year two pupil Rosie Bag Prada 2017 May Connelly, six, who made a cardboard diorama of a park.

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´╗┐Leicester pupils give support to culture city bid after small diversion

The children's artwork was designed Burberry Phone

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"My dad helped me with the glue gun," she said. "I really enjoyed making it. It's got a cafe, museum and toilets."

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pink face, black body, white neck and a big beak".

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to reflect Leicester's history, heritage and communities as part of a six week project called "Are You a Culture Vulture?"

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"Their enthusiasm for the city is truly refreshing."

Of more importance is how Peter Soulsby responded to the question about the closure of the activity centre? I hope that he did not blame the Government

Lola, Rosie May and other pupils told Sir Peter he had their support, while he praised the youngsters for their hard work and support.

The mayor's visit to a school to promote the city of culture bid was thrown off topic slightly when Burberry Blue Label Backpack Price

It is implied throughout the article (or should I say the Council Press Release).

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Rosie May was one of the pupils listening to Sir Peter describe why Leicester should be named 2017 UK City of Culture, and how they could help.

Lola said she had made with the help of friends and teachers a large "culture vulture with a Burberry Gold Handbag

Mrs Stuart said: "It's been great for the kids, they've been finding out about their city and learning about the history and geography of Leicester.

Her friend Lola Alba, seven, said: "We've been learning a lot about culture and things such as Richard III and the space centre there's a lot of things there and they've got real rockets. I haven't been yet but it sounds really exciting."

"What we're discovering is that the City of Culture theme produces some great links to learning," he said.

he was quizzed by pupils about the closure of a children's activity centre.

The youngsters were asked to come up with how they imagined Leicester might look in the future.

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"With the help of their teachers, children are learning about the past and thinking about how the city's history has helped shape their lives today.

"Before we started they could all talk about France and Spain and all the places they'd been on holiday, but they didn't really know as much about what's on their doorstep."

There are two definitions of culture:

"We had asked them to come up with questions for the mayor and lots of them wanted to know why the activity centre was closing," said assistant head teacher Karen Stuart.

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In this City and with our political leadership the default start point is definition number 2 and as the article states the part of the focus of this project was 'communities'.

Back on the city of culture topic, the mayor was greeted with an array of weird and wonderful creations, from a skeleton made of spaghetti to a papier mache vulture to celebrate Leicester's bid.

Pupils at St Thomas More Voluntary Academy, in Knighton, greeted Sir Peter Soulsby enthusiastically when he popped in to explain the city's campaign to become a cultural hub in four years' time.

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